The author


Alain Teyssonnière de Gramont studied economics, public law and political sciences for five years, followed by two years in command of a paratroopers unit (1960-66). The next fifteen years were spent in entrepreneurship and management including ten years with Sema-Metra International, then the unquestioned European leader in strategy, organisation and management consultancy (1967-1983). He has worked for over twenty years with the Commission including missions to over 60 developing, crisis or war-torn countries of Latin America and Asia (ALA), Africa and the Caribbean (ACP), Mediterranean area and the Middle-East (MEDA) as well as other regions (1984-2007). For ten years he has taught courses in economic and social development strategies and practises at the University Paris I Sorbonne / IEDES (1997-2007).

In brief, his is an itinerary that started by taking care of petty problems in business management, followed by involvement in efforts to find solutions to the sufferings in human societies and States governmental issues before moving on to the strategic ills of international aid organisations. It is an itinerary that has nurtured a thorough and decisive experience of the various fields of international cooperation and its protagonists, the donors and governments, the civil servants, ministers and politicians, not to mention a solid acquaintance with the populations' peculiarities and expectations as well as the issues of poverty and development .