EUROPE and COOPERATION ….. time to dare another policy

…the fear of saying no, inadequate strategies and the obsession with the “règlement” …. how to make ineffective a cooperation that could be efficient…


I believe in Europe in the same way Blaise Pascal was ready to bet on the existence of God… but what a bet ! Europe is moving forward but lagging behind with regard to issues of development. At the same time, Europe is facing dramatically growing pressure from the nations of the world. In constructing a respectable and respected foreign policy, the Commission should urgently change the spirit, strategies and methods of its cooperation.

The “petit bourgeois ” fears and fantasies

International Cooperation is stuck in the marsh of “correct but wrong thinking” modelled by the fears and fantasies of the new petit bourgeois classless society

Chapter 1

Mediocre acting misses the objectives

European Cooperation is afraid to say no, its strategies and methods are obsolete and it is blocked by its obsession with the “règlement”

Chapter 2

React… and exist !


Solutions are within reach. Just take them! Drop the comfortable “laisser-faire” and the bureaucratic security of the “règlement”


Chapter 3


Billions of Euros are wasted every year and hundreds of millions of people from the developing countries knock vainly at Europe's door. The world's security and the credibility of European foreign policy are in question.

The strategic and operational efficiency of Europe's cooperation policy has been decaying dramatically for ten years. It is time to tighten the reins.


Courage, gentlemen Commissioners and General Directors, it is hard work but it is your job and your responsibility !